A Toast 10:18 AM

Her hot chocolate sat on the table, whipped ream melting as we waited. “The whipped cream is melting. Can I eat it?”

“Go ahead,” I smile as she picks up the spoon and delights in the flavor of the cocoa and the cream.

My latte’ finally arrives. She wastes no time in finding the handle of her mug and lifting it – looking at me expectantly.

I smile and lift my mug…

“To February 28!!”

“You made it; we made it!”

We laughed and celebrated the end of a long six months; the end of a process that we have each asked ourselves to work through with the greatest patience possible. Our lives are different now. She is more secure and confident; more direct and thoughtful in regards to her feelings. I am learning as I go.

We have met challenges head on during the last six months and have come out stronger and happier than we were throughout the process.

I wish I could tell her that the next few months will be easier; that they will be a bit more relaxed and a life that looks more familiar to her, but I can’t.

I can tell her that her mom is happier and healthier than ever.

I can point to how she is growing and maturing into an amazing young woman.

As we sat, delighting in our favorite brunch, we toasted an end to a process and welcome the beginning of something different – perhaps equally as challenging and yet perhaps more rewarding as well given the lessons we have learned and the strengths we have found throughout the past.

2 Thoughts:

Lennye said...

I felt like I was right there with you. Of course you had me at the latte!!!

LiteracyTeacher said...

I'm glad you had the chance to toast. The whipped cream definitely made it sweeter.