Love 11:55 AM

Love is holding on and letting go…

And, it takes courage and trust to recognize which is required.

This sense of timing is a skill I am developing – and it isn’t always easy…

But it is love

Holding on and letting go… that is love

That is what love asks

Love, trust,

Hold on, let go…


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Kelly said...

I am a member of the Virginia Belles,an a cappella group, at the University of Virginia. We are creating a twitter, but it seems you own the rights to the name. I was just wondering if you would be so kind to let us use the username! I understand it is a LOT to ask, but our group is gaining a lot of popularity, and to have the username "VirginiaBelles" means the world to us.
Thank you so much,
Kelly Chung
Publicity Manager