Grocery Grace 9:25 AM

She wheels the cart with ease – a natural grocery shopper. I follow behind watching as she examines the varieties of freshly baked bread to be tested. Finding nothing she likes, she moves toward the bakery to choose a dessert for the evening. Without ever slowing, her left hand reaches, chooses, and slides the little box into the lower basket of the cart.

Grocery shopping grace in action

One flowing movement

The cart never stopped rolling; its driver didn’t pause or hesitate.

Begin one that likes to stop in front of the shelf and truly look at each item, I found myself stunned at my daughter’s actions.

Smiling, I applauded her grace and shopping abilities. (I created a monster! - smile)

From that point on, she practiced with everything we purchased for the evening’s meal.

Her greatest challenge came in the dairy aisle – crowded with people, she had to practice the same grace while weaving through the other shoppers, and obtaining the right cheese.

Which, I can proudly say, she did!

“How did you do that?” I asked as we entered the next aisle on our way to the cashier.

“I read before I got there and then just kept walking as I picked up the cheese.”

And she dodged people and carts and a shop worker.


A natural born shopper – this kid could probably get through a grocery store in a matter of minutes with these talents she has developed.

Just another reason it is a delight to hang out with my daughter.

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Karen said...

Wow! I wish she could teach that skill to me. I could shop for most things forever, but grocery shopping is one of my least favorite chores.