Thank You 9:18 AM

Tuesday means grocery shopping after school and before ballet. It is about the salad bar and Starbucks, and a fun little tradition for the two of us. It has also come to mean familiar people working behind the different counters at the store and a “local” type environment.

As my daughter ran back to pick up another sample of bread from the bakery, I made my way to our favorite cash register adjacent to the Starbucks. As I bent down to find my card, a familiar voice commented… “here you are…”

I looked up in shock to find the barista from the Starbucks holding two drinks.

I didn’t know what to say except…”Thank you.”

He set down the drinks as I handed over my card and began to unload our few items on to the counter.

“That was so sweet.” I told the cashier as I put this and that down. I couldn’t get over my shock at the gesture.

“You hadn’t been over there first?” she asked as she scanned

“No. We have been out in the store.”

She just smiled

When my daughter returned, I showed her the drinks. She, like me, was pleasantly surprised. She ran over to pay while I loaded everything back into the cart.

My daughter and I are regulars in various stores around the area. They know us at the tea shop, at this and that cafĂ©, and at the various Starbucks. People have watched my daughter grow from a toddler to the nearing teen age girl she is now. People ask after her ballet career or comment about her size. I am even accustomed to the different people knowing what we will order before we order. But…the thoughtfulness of this gesture washed over me.

I don’t know how they knew we were in the grocery store.

I don’t know how they had everything ready at just the perfect time.

I found myself speechless. I couldn’t do anything to repay this thoughtfulness and yet, I wanted to as “thank you” just didn’t seem to be enough.

But gratitude and a “Thank you” were all I had to give.

So here’s to the baristas in the Starbucks!! Thank you for the thoughtful gesture, for your smiles, for sharing in our delight and our lives, and for the great coffee.

2 Thoughts:

Annie said...

Gratitude is Gold! Pay it forward. Thanks for writing and reminding me to really appreciate the kindnesses I encounter.

Ruth Ayres said...

What a sweet Slice from your day. I, too, am thankful for the reminder to capture the kindness which fills my day. So often I miss the sweet gestures of others because I'm too busy.
Happy wriitng, Ruth