Papa 2:55 PM

“I don’t get this math problem.”

She sat at the bar while I worked in the kitchen preparing tea. She read the problem.

“Is that it?”



She laughed, “yes”

I gave an answer and then thought about it. Ah, this is silly. I am 39 and should be able to do this 4th grade math problem. I picked up the phone and called someone who loves math problems… my dad.

She read the problem to him.

He suggested that he send her an e-mail as he didn’t really get it either. (This is just sad…I thought)

She then continued with a conversation about… Garfield. Earlier she found a Garfield comic that reminded her of Papa… and so she was sharing it with him from east coast to west.

He suggested that she e-mail him that one too…

Which she did!

This morning she was up and ready – she had to check her e-mail to see what papa wrote. This is pretty unusual as my daughter isn’t an e-mail/computer kid. She would rather be doing something else. But she was on the computer. She was reading her e-mail. She was delighted to see that papa got the same answer we did!

(And he liked the Garfield… which he found for himself online after she shared it with him)

That’s my dad – just as he was and is always there for me; he is always there for my daughter!

2 Thoughts:

Ellen said...

Sweet - I love the cross-generational connections that begin to occur without being organized by the parent! Sounds like a couple of really neat people.

GirlGriot said...

This is so nice. It's so great that your daughter (and you) have this wonderful connection with your Papa!