Our Team 2:26 PM

“what do you do?” the cashier asked as I stood ordering our drinks. I gave her an odd look as I had no idea what she meant. She pointed to the logo on the left breast of both of our sweatshirts.


“She runs, and I am the cheerleader.” I commented. “We are a team.”

The explanation was enough for the cashier, but it was just the tip of the ice berg. My daughter and I are a team as we have been from the moment I discovered I was pregnant.

It isn’t just that she runs and I cheer. She dances and I applaud. I enjoy the symphony and she endures. I love change and she adapts. She cries and questions and I hold and give back rubs.

She is the butterfly – gorgeous and strong, spreading wings and ready to take flight. I am the milk weed – ever there, ever watchful, and providing all that I can.

She holds my hand and laughs with me when I feel fun and full of laughter while I pull her into adventures when she would just as soon stick to the tried and true.

We are mother and daughter; a team of a different sort.

We have a wonderful and supportive pit crew

We have our own lives, separate from one another.

We are two quite different people.

And we are a team.

And we have the sweatshirts to prove it – though I am really surprised that someone noticed our logo!