She just keeps going and going and going... 7:48 PM

"No, too hot."
"But they are short sweats."
"No, too hot."
I am not sure she understands that this morning is still March. Despite forecasts of temperatures this afternoon in the mid 50's, this morning it is still cold.
"Okay, Capri pants?"
She dresses in a flash and before I know it her hair is in a pony tail and she is downstairs ready for breakfast.
She is ready for the first day of the running season - visions of new personal records and goals of finishing in faster times running through her head.
This afternoon she reports in -
Training went well
She ran a mile and a half
She loved it
"They asked us to pick a word to describe ourselves."
"Oh, and what did you pick?"
"A lot of the girls said athletic as their word. I said, 'energizer battery'"
I had to laugh. Not only was she bouncing around when she relayed the story, but this kid is the energizer battery in human form... she goes, and goes, and goes... She just keeps going and going and going!!

Today she ran 1.5 miles, walked 3 miles and studied classical Russian ballet for 1.25 hours...and she is still going strong!

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snowflakes said...

She sounds very energized!

Good job to the both of you!