Happy Birthday 2:57 PM

Yesterday Gramps turned 90

(I can’t even imagine what it is like to be 40 so 90 is a stretch of the imagination. Just think – how much life will change by the time I am 90!)

After a fun dinner, taking full advantage of the nicer weather, we began our walk home. Mobile phone in hand, the Lass placed the call to wish Gramps a Happy Birthday.

I sang a rowdy and loud rendition of Happy Birthday as the call began, but after that – it was all them – a conversation across a 4 generation gap… 90 to 10!

And my daughter laughed

She shared

She giggled

She talked and asked questions

She delighted in this birthday phone call with her great grandfather.

I really have no idea how his birthday was or what he might have done for this monumental day as he didn’t speak with me… and that is okay as I got to sing!!

He shared fifteen minutes of fun with his eldest great grandchild.

“Gramps said thank you for the song.” She reported when she disconnected the call…

I laughed – and quite a song it was.

Happy Birthday Gramps!!

90 never looked so good!!