Finding Gold 1:50 PM

Living with my daughter, it is not difficult to find magic in any given day or moment. It takes only the clearing of the mind and… poof, there it is! It is in her smile or the depth of her eyes or the lightness of her step. It is in her singing and dancing and energy. The magic is the essence of my daughter – from her creativity to her focus to her imagination to her complaints. There is no kid like her and there will be no adult like her.

As a friend reminded me a few weeks ago, I can see the magic in others but it appears that I have challenges seeing it within myself.

I have, at some level, been thinking about that concept. My strengths and weaknesses are known to me. I am comfortable with them; talk about them; and work with them without much issue. But my magic… the magic that makes me, me… that is something else entirely.

What is that spark that I bring to the world, my friends, family, neighborhood? How do I touch the lives around me? What is the magic within me that I need to see – and that others may or may not notice?

Thus, on this, the day of luck, good fortune, and my all time favorite color – GREEN (the color of vitality and life and renewal), I am setting forth on a little journey to find the magic in myself. With the help of the leprechauns and their mysterious natures, I will set forth to discover the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… my rainbow and my magic!