Ah... Spring 5:41 PM

As soon as we were dressed this morning, I ran around the house opening windows.
Yes, mid March and I delighted in the sounds of birds and traffic carried on the breeze.
Spring... the cats seemed to purr that much more loudly as they gathered on the rug next to the glass door - now open. The screen standing between them and the great outdoors didn't seem to bother them in the slightest.
Every chirp and flutter sent pointed ears twitching.
As we dashed out the door to start our day jobs, I had no doubt where the cats would spend their days... delighting in open windows, light breezes, warm temperatures, and the language of the birds.

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LiteracyTeacher said...

Miss Moyer just posted a link about springlike weather too. I'm so glad we're all enjoying the new season that's almost upon us.