Normal 11:22 AM

I stepped off the sidewalk to cross the parking lot. Grabbing my daughter’s hand, I started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” she giggled as she is never far from laughter herself.

I shook my head, laughing in pure delight as we moved toward the next sidewalk.

“I was singing… in my funny voice.”

She just walked with me – well, walking is not really what the kid does. She bounced along beside me ready to run if the chance permitted.


“I’d rather be a hammer than a nail... then I sang, in my funny voice, yes I would…”

She giggled with me as we laughed…

“And just when I sang the funny ‘yes I would’ a guy walked by. I am sure he thought I was crazy… but having fun.”

“You aren’t crazy!” she said emphatically as we hit the sidewalk, dropped my hand, and started dancing toward the intersection…

No, in my family I am not crazy. Singing and dancing wherever and whenever is completely normal!

2 Thoughts:

jenbaum said...

I love the way you broke up the paragraphs, especially based on dialogue which is SO difficult for students to understand? Would you be willing to lend me this piece as an example to support my dialogue work with my 4th and 5th graders?

I love the story as well - a perfect SMALL moment to explain with clear details. I see you walking hand-in-hand, and love that you captured this moment in time with your daughter!

Virginia Belle said...

Thanks!! Please feel free to use it. I hope that it helps.