Thank You SOL! 11:38 AM

My eyes open to a bright day with no wind.
Dizziness gone, I run through the day at hand. It is Tuesday, the day our week usually begins in full. It is a day about ballet and homework. A day about conversations and work, and fitting in together time and free time with all that is required before lights out and bed.
My daughter’s Flapper dress hangs on the door. Smiling I anticipate the upcoming weekend with our tickets to Chicago (to which she will wear her Flapper dress) and the beginning of spring break.
I grab the freshly washed tights and ballet uniform from their hanger on the door frame, and our day begins.
Bags packed, breakfast eaten, word games played, spring weather enjoyed, I now sit in my office.
Words are slow in coming as I prepare this final Slice in March and the Slice of Life Challenge.

Both a challenge and a pleasure, I have drafted daily slices for each day of March. I have taken a life that I view as a whole and broken it into slices.


A glimpse of a life and a family as seen through a crack in the curtain or in passing on the street.
A slice of my thinking, my morning, a night with my daughter, or a conversation.
A slice captured in words

A slice that I didn’t fully appreciate until I accepted the challenge to write.

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Thinking Aloud said...

This really has been a special month. Like the classroom we have built a community with out writing and formed a bond with our sharing. I am so thrilled to have meet such wonderful writers and thinkers. People have really made every slice count! I will continue to post and read and comment.

Enjoy Chicago, enjoy spring and enjoy your break!