The Birthday Party 10:55 AM

“What time will I leave?”  She asks as her best friend’s birthday party was Sunday afternoon.

”At 11:15”

”That means I only get to spend 2 hours with you.”

”That’s right...”

I do my thing, she does hers.  We share a house, a space, a silence.  After the pace of the last few days, it is nice for us to be together
but not.”

“They’re here!” she calls from upstairs.  Within seconds I hear the clatter of feet on stairs.  Before I can blink, she is sorting through shoes by the front door.  She grabs her summer shoes and is out the door - shoes in hand.  I trail behind with swimming bag and birthday gift. 

Without a second glance, she is off.  I am able to grab her attention long enough to hand her the swimming bag.  The dad takes the birthday gift from my hand.  

They are gone.

I wave from the door in hopes that she will see me and know that I hope she has a wonderful time... but then again, I know she will!

I return to the house to settle in for a quiet day with open windows and “the Full Monty.”