A Dizzy Morning 9:46 AM

Right, left, right, left

My feet move down the road. I can’t stop; I must keep moving.

Right, left, right, left

Monday morning, daughter at school, on my way to work

Right, left, right, left

Step, step, step… I feel the worn leather beneath my toes.

I hope the cool morning will clear my head.

Stay focused, one foot in front of the other. Eyes trained on everything and yet nothing.

Right, left, right, left

The wind blows, chilling my bare toes. I pull my hands up into my sweatshirt and remain focused upon my steps.

Don’t stop. Keep walking. Perhaps the dizziness will disappear. Perhaps it won’t catch up with me.

Right, left, right, left

Thoughts circle through my mind

Cars wiz by on the roads, everyone in a hurry to get somewhere as fast as possible.

Birds sing.

Two Canadian geese fly together, talking. I look up to watch them pass.

I note the new blossoms on the trees; blossoms that weren’t there days ago.

Right, left, right, left

I cross roads, climb stairs, turn corners… just don’t stop. Just keep walking.