Morning Chat 9:14 AM

I cherish the morning conversations with my daughter. When she entered her current school, she had the option to ride the bus. She requested that we walk the mile instead. She cherishes our walks too.
"Happy Spring Mamma"
"Happy Spring," I say in return. We are both huddled into our sweatshirts as we walk through the neighborhood toward school. The day is gorgeous, the birds are singing, and the wind is quite cold and blowing.
"It is spring, and it is cold. But it is spring. Now, on those warm days, I don't have to remind myself that it is winter. I don't have to say, 'It is warm, but it is winter!'"
We walk a bit further.
"I can't wait until Nonna and Papa get here."
"Where do you want to go for dinner?"
"What? Wait? What time are they coming?"
"Around 2. Do you want to ride the bus or be a walker?"
She considers carefully, "Bus, and you can choose for dinner as I have been choosing a lot."
"I have to write another myth."
"Ms. T says that she doesn't want me to be bored while everyone else is finishing their myths. I get to write another."
"What are you going to write about?"
"I don't know"
"What about Medusa?"
"She is in one book. She has her head cut off."
"Yes, but you could write about her before she has her head cut off."
"No. They have to be heroes."
"Couldn't she have done something heroic in her childhood? Maybe she saved an island from sea monsters?"
"Everyone is writing about sea monsters! I am the only one not writing about a sea monster. I could write about Hades. I could look him up in the book."
"Hades is Zero in Roman mythology. Isn't that funny. Zero. I could write about Hades and Medusa"
We arrive at school. Our conversation, as usual, has involved so many topics. I can't wait to read her next myth.

2 Thoughts:

Dogtrax said...

I love the dialogue and that she is writing myths. (I have a cute Medusa book in my classroom -- can't think of the name right now). It sounds like her mind was racing with ideas, though.
Thanks for sharing

Thinking Aloud said...

What I would give to go back to the days of conversing...