It's Started with a Giggle 8:16 AM

“Whatcha doing” my daughter said in a sing songy voice as she squirted ketchup on her hotdogs.

“Eatin’ chocolate” her dad chimed from the other side of the bar as he awaited the ketchup bottle.

“Where’d you get it” the child next to me finished with the ketchup

“Doggie left it” came the response from her dad

She is giggling.

He is chuckling.

“That’s enough. I don’t want to hear anymore right now. I am eating.” I say as I take a bite of my sandwich (that doesn’t not include a hotdog or ketchup)

She giggles.

He chuckles.

I am doing my best not to look at either one of them. I am trying to focus on chewing and enjoying my food.

She giggles more.

He chuckles more.

I find myself giggling around my food. Attempting to contain it just made it that much worse.

Within minutes we are all laughing – really and truly laughing.

1 Thoughts:

Lynnelle said...

What a special moment. Had me smiling!