A Season to Anticipate 5:00 PM

"It's an emergency" Kramer, from Seinfeld, exclaims from my computer thus announcing the arrival of an e-mail.
Out of habit, I open the e-mail. There are only a few minutes before I need to meet the school bus, but I have to see who this is from and what it is about.
I smile and read. It is the preview of the upcoming theater/event schedule. The news can lift my spirts on any given day as it gives me something to anticipate. And next year's schedule is exciting. From May Poppins to Young Franckenstine and dance groups from all over the world, I am already marking dates in my calendar.
The phone rings. The caller talks. I read, my thoughts lost in the sounds of the orchestra and the magic of theater craft.
The call ends, I am changed and out the door anxious to tell my daughter about the upcoming events. Thankful that I have a child who will share the excitement with me 100%!