The Game 10:16 AM

"I have a game for you," Daddy says and clicks send on the e-mail containing the link.  "Let The Lass see it."
I should have thought a bit more about this but the truth is, I didn't.  The fault is completely mine.  I expected a word game of sorts or even a number game.  Daddy knows how much we like word games in our house and our current addiction to Word Twist. 
I clicked the link.
"Kitten Cannon"
This doesn't look good.  
A cartoon cannon appeared on the computer screen.  I should have stopped at that point; we should have closed down the site and let it go.  But  we didn't.  Due to curiosity and a desire to be able to honestly say "I checked it out" The Lass and I continued by clicking on  the instructions link.  
To move the canon do this... to fire, do this... Click on the ammunition you would like to use - which included spikes, balloons, venous fly trap... I clicked on the Venus Fly trap
I moved the cannon and hit the button to fire... and a kitten died in front of our eyes.  It was a cartoon kitten and a Venus Fly trap, but it was a kitten all the same.  
I did it one more time... and the Lass burst into tears.  The poor kitten.  There was blood and everything.  Poor kitten.  Why would Daddy send us such a game.  Tears rolling down her cheeks, we immediately changed websites.  
It was not real.  No kittens died during the making of the game.  It was all animated and not well animated at that.  
Daddy thought it was funny... it was supposed to be a jab at the Cat Ladies... it wasn't serious.  Daddy likes Phoenix.  
That was last night.  We were still discussing it this morning.  
I will definitely have to be more aware next time.  
"You should have picked the trampoline" she tells me.  "That way they would have bounced"