Chit Chat 12:43 PM

"So, are there any cute boys in your class?"
"What about in the third grade?"
"You don't know any cute boys?"  At this point I am grasping.  Seriously, no cute boys?  I can think of a few boys that are cute. 
I am going to get her now... "What about daddy?"  Despite being blond (ha, ha) her dad is quite attractive. 
"Papa?"  (My dad)
"I liked him better without the mustache."  (My dad has recently decided to grow a mustache.  I don't know why)
"Any cute girls?"    I am grasping at straws now)
"All girls are cute.  We look in the mirror first thing every morning and see cute.  Boys look in the mirror and see messed up hair."
Ahha, I get it now.  "Girls are cute but boys aren't?"
"Are there any handsome boys in your class?"    (Just like her parents, my daughter is a stickler for the right word)