Notes 12:51 PM

There are busy days and then there are busy days.  There are the days in which we are racing from bus stop to ballet or to rehearsal; the days in which we have to fight to make time for homework and reading.  And then, there are the days where we add something else to the mix - a concert, an event, something fun for the two of us to enjoy. 
The day before my birthday was one such day.  When the tickets went on sale, I questioned the wisdom of the purchase.  I wondered, for days, whether or not the event would be possible given ballet and bus and homework.  Would it just be too much? 
After conversing with the Lass, we elected to give it a go.  She understood the schedule; she wanted to try. 
So, following her ballet class, we set off for the bus station to catch a ride to the subway to catch a ride into the heart of the city.  We had our picnic dinner in our bag along with our pashminas.  The night lay before us - beautiful in its own right.  The Lass would soon be attending her first symphony. 
I would like to say that it went off without a hitch, and, for the most part, it did.  We had plenty of time once we arrived at the theater.  We were able to grab seats outside and enjoy our sandwiches.  We had time to use the restrooms, pick up tickets for future events, and find our seats.  The only downside to the night was that, in our haste, we had not planned on being thirsty.  We were both so very thirsty that it was a note of an otherwise wonderful evening.  
The first chords of music played; the Lass settled into her seat, and we enjoyed the program completely.  The conductor told stories that left us laughing.  The musicians played beautiful pieces.  And the Lass did her homework during intermission without complaint. 
At one point, she wrapped her pashmina tightly around her and relaxed against my arm, letting her body relax into the music.  Of course this didn't last long, but for a moment, I think she enjoyed the sounds she was hearing - that she might have realized that classical music is not just for ballet dancing. 
We arrived home late, immediately took very long and refreshing drinks, and vowed to never do that again... go without drinks. 
It was a beautiful night - a wonderful end to a year for me and a nice first experience for her.