Mamma Mia 12:40 PM

In June we saw the musical Mamma Mia.  In august we saw the movie. 
And now, every day and night, I listen to the soundtrack as sung by the Lass.  I am also treated to performances with singing and dancing. 
I live and breathe and sleep and dream Mamma Mia.  I even find myself singing the music from time to time.  The songs really stick in your head after hearing them hundreds upon hundreds of times.
I am about to band Mamma Mia from my house - making it an ABBA free zone.  Rather, I bought tickets to see Legally Blond - the musical.
In January
Meaning, I have 4 more months of Mamma Mia in my future!
(I may need to reserve a room in a nice, quiet place with white, padded walls for the holidays!)