Carrots - it has Carrots! 11:18 AM

The Lass and I stood on the porch talking to the delivery man as he gathered our items and put them in bags. 
"This looks good mom." the Lass commented as she looked through the catalog for next month.
"What is it?"
She showed me a picture, "It has pasta and carrots..."  I stopped listening at that point.  For as long as I can remember, the Lass has disliked, with a passion, carrots.  Yet, here she sat, going through a catalog and picking something with carrots. 
"What is it?"  I asked again thinking that if she likes the way it looks, I will see if he has any on the truck. 
"I will ask," and that is what she did. 
Pasta Primavera.  My daughter, the child who has never liked carrots, wants to order some pasta primavera for our next delivery. 
Will wonders never cease!