Day Dreaming 12:36 PM

Doodles loves to go out onto the balcony. She races to the door when she hears me open it, bounds through, and rolls on the artificial grass.

She would spend all day outside if she could. She loves the sun, the fresh air, and the insects. She is also a pro when it comes to apple tree trimming, inspecting the rose bush, and taking care of the cat nip.

But this weekend, Doodle lost her outdoor privileges. She is now housebound while the other cats are able to come and go as they please.

This weekend Doodle decided to become an Arial cat; she decided to become the curious cat. First, she took flight and sat on the Wall that Phoenix usually graces so majestically.

But that wasn't exciting enough for dear miss Doodle. She then decided to sit on the corner square that serves as the corner post of our balcony.

Again, this was not exciting enough.

She moved from our corner square to the corner square of the balcony next door and slightly below ours. Not only did she find this square to be quite delightful, she enjoyed chewing on the neighbor's plant and considered seriously venturing onto their balcony.

Now, as soon as the screen door slides open, Doodle attempts to bound to the top of the wall - destination, neighbor's house.

We can't allow this to happen. Not only do I knot want to lose the cat, I also don't want the Lass to be tempted to get the cat!

For the time being, Doodles (lower left corner of the picture) must sit inside the house and... Dream!