3rd Grade 9:16 AM

It's just before 6, the Lass is restless.  I know that she will wake sooner than later and that her excitement will carry her through the morning.  Which it did.  Eyes open at 6:15 she is talking, playing with the cats, and "nervous."
Third grade. 
She took her first steps 9 years ago.  Today those long, toned legs took her through the doors and into the first day of a new school year.  Without much of a look back, she disappeared into the building to take her place. 
She will start this year with a fun willed summer behind her.  A summer of experiences and laughter.  A summer of friends and travels. 
Yesterday we closed a wonderful summer with friends at the pool.  There were tents and splashes and lots of laughter.  There was a new restaurant and the joy of eating with chopsticks. 
For my wee lass, it has been a summer of maturing.  It has been a summer of preparing her to be in 3rd grade with lots of home work, learning through reading, and late nights traveling into the city with mom.  This summer I have watched my daughter move a little bit further from being a little girl, even glimpsing the adult woman that she will be one day.  (And what a beautiful woman she will be)