An Invitation That Could Not Be Refused 9:49 AM

The evening finally arrived. With great anticipation, the Lass and I
changed into our summer dresses and departed for the theater. We were
on our way to a reception and then... backstage of the Lion King.

Together we walked up the red carpeted stairs and checked in to the
reception. Tiny round tables for 2 and 4 were scattered throughout the
box level lobby. Hand-in-hand we walked to the end of the food line
observing everything from the people to our surroundings. There were
two other children there - two girls just like the Lass.

When we arrived at the refreshment table, I took two plates while the
Lass served for each. We had two different spring rolls, a rice/chicken
dish, and then... chocolate covered strawberries!

We were placed at a standing table for two where we nibbled at our meal
and chat as we watched the people and reviewed the events of the day.
The Lass fetched two waters - in goblets, while I saved our place. She
also retrieved a few more of those fabulous chocolate covered
strawberries in addition the the spring rolls she preferred.

Then it was time; the time for which we had waited. The tour was about
to begin!

Into the Opera House we ventured where we were introduced to the stage,
heard stories about the Lion King and how things worked, and then... we
were let loose to explore!

Although we couldn't actually try on the different costumes, we were
able to see them up close. We were able to touch the different props
and examine the head pieces. We were able to see a bit of the magic
behind the wonder that is the stage presentation of the Lion King.

The Lass took her place on stage and looked into the audience below.
She stood where famous actors and dancers from all over the world had
performed. Though not a large hall, it is difficult not to be touched
by the desire to perform; to be in the center of that stage and that

The Lass wants to dance. She wants to grace that stage and other such
stages delighting and mystifying audiences of all ages. After touring
the Lion King backstage, I am not sure that dancing will always be her
dream. She was captivated by the design, automation, and creativity
that is required to make a production come together. But then, who

Whether it is on stage or behind the scenes, the Lass might be theater
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