A Day by the Missouri and Another at the Zoo 9:35 AM

There is nothing quite like a nice day in Omaha to remind one of the fun that was had while living there.

While in Omaha, the weather was amazing - probably the best days they will experience this summer. Low humidity and pleasant days...what more could one want!
Our first day, the Lass and I found our way to breakfast after packing our day pack and reporting our clogged toilet to the front desk. There is nothing like having to have someone else come plunge the toilet for you in a nice hotel, but that is what we had to do.
After breakfast, we wandered through the Old Market to find Scooters. Scooters is a coffee chain in Nebraska. When I lived there, it was a small shop - now it is an area wide chain. Amazing. Scooters, however, was closed so we grabbed a coffee and chocolate croissant at the European cafe across the street and settled in to enjoy a nice day with nothing... nothing... on schedule.
The Lass and I do not do "nothing" well. We had to find an adventure; somewhere to walk or play or something.
After wandering here and there we discovered the River Walk, the Missouri river, and water foul of all sorts!
We fell in love with the swans
And the signets
There were a few white ducks
and some Canadian geese we didn't take pictures of as we have them at home.
We walked, ran, took loads of pictures, and spent time just being. The Lass wrote in her travel journal while I just sat and watched the world go by.
After hours of being outside and enjoying the weather and the river, we hit the pool at the hotel for some relaxation and play before Nonna and Papa arrived.
our second day was a trip to the zoo!
My favorite part of the zoo is the tunnel through which you walk and are surrounded by sharks. My next favorite part is the new butterfly exhibit which just opened.
We took lots of pictures of the butterflies!
The Lass also liked the cats (hum... I wonder why?)
It was a wonderful day topped off by watching the first game of the College World Series Championship. We didn't go though we considered it. The game was very fun to watch!
Our last day in Nebraska was all bout the Underground Railroad in Nebraska City and the Arbor Day park/farm. Both of which were a lot of fun. The latter was great - lots of trees, outdoor areas to explore, a neat museum area, baby trees to take home and grow, and mosquitoes... lots and lots of mosquitoes!