A Tale of Two Cities 9:18 AM

The Twin Cities airport that is!
Our summer vacation this year started in the Minneapolis/St Paul airport. 
Yes, I realize that is a strange place to start a vacation, but it started there all the same.  The Twin Cities airport is absolutely amazing.  It is like a huge mall - and that is inside the security zone.  They have absolutely everything you can imagine.  Forget Florida or California, the Twin Cities airport is the place to go!
From there we stopped in Omaha. 
After waking very early to catch our flights which were amazingly crowded, we finally arrived at the hotel. I just wanted to crash - forget everything else, it was time for a nap.  Which, in actuality, it almost was.  We found a pizza place in the Old Market, settled in for an early pizza and a baseball game.  It was wonderful. 
From there it was back to the hotel to relax.  We were both wiped out.