Report Card Day 10:38 AM

Yesterday was report card day.  It had completely slipped my mind until  The Lass got off the bus and  said
"Mom, I have something to tell you."
These are never words that I like hearing though usually they have something to do with a social issue at school. 
The news she wanted to share was that her math effort grade had not changed from the S that she received last quarter. 
I was stunned.  She has worked really hard on slowing down and taking her time.  She reviews her work.  We believed that "Operation Tortoise" was a success.
As we walked to ballet, I asked her more questions so she decided to just take her report card out and review it.  And then I taught her how to read it!!
She now knows to look at the change between the letters in the 2 column and the letters in the 3 column to see how well she did.  And... lo and behold... she didn't receive an "S" in math but a "G" meaning that her hard work paid off!!
She was so excited and I was so relieved!!
She had an excellent report card - her best this year with wonderful marks in all subjects including the better grade in math (effort) and excellent marks in spelling and writing and reading.  It was a wonderful day for her!  (And now I don't have to worry about discussing "this year" tomorrow when I meet with her teacher...She gave me an excellent foundation for tomorrow's discussion!)