If You Build It, They Will Come 9:29 AM

This was once a green area - no trees, just grass and weeds.

A few years ago the county did some work because of the building next to
the area - something about water drainage.

This winter and spring we have enjoyed rain... a lot more rain than last

Where once a green patch stood now stands... The Fake Lake.

Only, it isn't so fake of late.

It is now a favorite destination for ducks and geese.

This Wednesday afternoon, the Lass and I saw these drakes sitting on
their perch enjoying the sun and the water.

Minutes later, a pair of Canada Geese flew in, enjoyed a wonderful water
landing, and then joined a single goose in another section of the lake.

The Lass found a stick and played Tom Sawyer as she attempted to locate
a frog - I took pictures of the scene.

Spring at last!
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