Easter Secret 2:35 PM

Hop, hop, hop... the Easter bunny makes her way into my living room. 
Ah, eggs to be hidden and a basket to fill!
Very aware of the time, she attempts to move quietly through the living room.  The first notes of day lightening the sky beyond the windows reminding her of the need for speed and stealth.  She has wisely left this room and the hiding of eggs until the last possible moment.  Aware of the household pets, she attempts to hide each egg with care. Eggs need to be kept from the cats, who believe them to be toys.  But time is growing short.  Three of the ten eggs on the floor won't be bothered.  One goes beneath a cabinet, one the piano, and the third inside the toe of a sandal.   
While her big feet and cute tail move through the room, two sets of eyes watch.  Two sets of ears twitch.  Two long fluffy tails swish.  The bunny is not at risk, it is the eggs that have peaked the curiosity of these two beasts.  Whiskers quivering with excitement, they note the location of each potential toy. 
Two have captured their interest.  As the bunny quietly moves from the room, knowing that she has cut it close, the cats pad softly to each "toy" to investigate.
They ignore the one beneath the cabinet.  Lightly bat the one beneath the piano.  But the one inside the sandal... that is a challenge.  The game is on.  If there is one thing these two "kittens" enjoy, it is a challenge. With great determination, they release the egg of the top of the sandal... and....
Twenty minutes later, the eggs are collected.  With laughter and smiles, each is located and put back in its place in the carton.  Nine eggs found, but... there is one missing!
The egg from the sandal is gone.  
A search is conducted to no avail.  All known cat hiding places are check, no egg.  
Twenty-four hours later, still no egg.  
Yes, there were ten eggs, now there are nine!
Two sets of eyes watch, two sets of ears twitch, two tails swish, eight padded feet move through the room, and whiskers quiver in merriment.  Only the two cats know where the egg lies... and they aren't telling!