An Original St. Patrick's Day Story 12:03 PM

If I Shrank to the Size of a Leprechaun
by The Wee Lass
(Creative license active)

Late one night before I went to bed an
Enchanting spell started. I started shrinking while I was asleep.
Pepper sized me, I was tiny, tiny, and tiny.
Entering, I woke up and explored the tiny world of leprechauns.
Recently reentering the same place, I found out that it was a maze.
Capturing sites, I finally found my way out of the maze.
Hooting loudly, I saw a leprechaun laughing away.
A Leprechaun . How weird. He was my size.
Understanding that I had shrunk, I asked how do you do?
New noises started. It sounded like little chattering.

Soon enough, he said, fine thank you.
I asked him how old he was. He said 900.
Zook is the name, if you please. He said.
Enteresting name, I said.
Do you have a name? He asked.

My name is [Lass], I said. He said the spell to make me my size.
Enchanting spell started again. Soon enough I was back to my normal size.

The End