The Comfort of Cats 1:18 PM

Last night the Lass was upset.  Taking responsibility for her actions was hard enough, realizing that they have consequences was a bit difficult for her to swallow.  Lights out she held tightly to her stuffed dog, tears rolling down her cheeks, hoping that I would make it all better by replacing what she had so happily given away.  (Which is not happening)
I sat with her explaining why I would not make it better; why I could not make it better.  This was a lesson she had to learn.  This was a situation that, painless though emotional, she brought upon herself. 
The child was miserable.  Her heart truly hurt.  Gone were the fake tears of earlier that evening when she explained to me what she had done.  These were real tears.
Suddenly, up on the bed, popped a motor of sorts.  Our very own wooly mammoth had come to make things better, after all, what better use for that coat than to absorb tears? 
There are sometimes when cats surprise me.  One never knows what to expect from these furry animals. 
When the Lass was little, I never worried about our old cat Maggie.  I knew that Maggie just wouldn't hurt her.  Maggie still will not hurt her, they have some kind of understanding that exists only between the two of them. 
It is as if the cats understand that she is a child; their patience and tolerance is much higher than it would be were I to do the things to them that the Lass does without thinking.  When they have had enough, they let her know. 
But they also know when they are needed; when their child friend is upset and in need of comfort.  With motors at full throttle, the will do what they can to dry tears, bring smiles, and assure the Lass that she is loved. 
Last night Bug turned on her motor, jumped onto the bed, and came to dry tears.  She found her way next to the Lass and snuggled in for a cuddle and a bit of a nap with her favorite person and dog. 
It is a bit easier to endure one of life's lessons when you are not alone.  It is even easier when you are surrounded by love and that love is completely and totally unconditional. 
And, tell me, who can resist a cat when it purrs?
(Cats purr to comfort themselves when they are scared or uncertain.  This doesn't surprise me as a purr is for, me and the Lass, one of the most comforting sounds)