Signs of Spring 9:46 AM

Once February arrives, the Lass and I start looking for signs of spring. Given that there has been little snow this winter, and that the temperatures have been fairly warm, we are anticipating those signs to come a bit earlier than usual.

The birds have arrived in full force. It is wonderful to walk to school in the mornings and listen to the different bird songs as we go. Sometimes we try to count the different songs that we hear.

This morning the Lass saw her first robin of the season - in addition to the blue jays and cardinals and ever present crows/ravens.

We also heard a woodpecker and a dove, the latter for the first time this spring.

The Canada geese are out in full force, noisily announcing their presents to all that care to hear.

Spring is on its way!

The following are pictures of birds, the Lass saw a red breast but says that the camera didn't pick it up. Welcome to spring!