Picture Day 12:16 PM

Today is picture day at school. 
The Lass planned her wardrobe last week.  Valentine's tights, heart jean skirt, red shirt with heart, and head band to match the tights (white with red hearts).  She was good to go. 
This morning I made her put sweats over the tights because it is, of course, still cold.  Winter just doesn't want to give up so easily. 
She ran upstairs to make sure her hair was done correctly etc and came back wearing something around her neck. 
I was packing the backpacks when she informed me that she put the "ballet thing" around her neck. 
I assumed she meant a necklace and let it go.  I was in a hurry to get her to Spanish etc. 
We jetted out of the house and, while we were walking, she says...
"At least this will help keep my neck warm."
And now, now of all times, I am paying attention. 
She took a scrap of red sparkly material that we are using for ballet costumes and wrapped it around her neck like a collar of sorts. 
"You are not wearing that for pictures."
"Yes, I am."
I sighed and huffed and counted to ten.  I was so looking forward to a cute picture.  A picture that was better than the one she took in the fall.  A picture that I could actually send to friends and family. 
Maybe she needs to express herself; to be able to have her own style right now; to be able to do her own thing. 
"Okay, just make sure that there aren't any strings and such hanging off of it.  I don't want it to look like you are wearing a scrap around your neck."
Her day was made.  She thought she looked lovely. 
Inside I stopped to consider my memory of the older girls at ballet.  Do they do their own thing style wise?  Do they have a flair or a look that is all their own? 
I just don't know.  This is probably just a Lass thing!
I am looking forward to seeing the pictures!  (oh, and this was a class picture as well)