Spelling Bee 9:06 AM

"let's do that spelling test thing."  The lass loves little games while we walk from here to there.  Whether it is math questions, guessing tunes, or US geography, she loves it.  Of late, she enjoys spelling games.  
When the Lass is "on," she can spell like nobody's business.  Her love of language, which started when she was very small, is undeniable when she is focused.  If she has written it, she can spell it.  
But sometimes she isn't focused.  She skips syllables or doesn't think about all the sounds within the word.  She becomes easily frustrated.  One day I coupled her love for languages in that I asked her to spell words in Sign as she spelled them allowed.  This gave her a full visual, tactile, and auditory experience with the spelling.  It also encourages her to focus her attention.  
We have been playing the spelling game often of late.  Last night she learned encyclopedia and was quizzed on bicycle and other cycles.  This morning she revisited encyclopedia and added dictionary and inquisitive to her list.  
"How do you spell... 'except' as in 'Everything except the apple'?"  (I also quiz her on the tricky words... to, too, and two etc)
"is it a homophone?"  (She loves, loves, loves homophones and homonyms)
"Kind of.  There are two words spelled differently and often they sound the same though I think that they are really pronounced differently"
She spelled the word.  
"Now, 'accept' as in 'I accept you...'?"
She didn't get that one.  The beginning threw her off a tad.
As I dropped her at the front steps I remembered that I had forgotten to pack her a snack.  I apologized as I gave her a hug.  
"Don't worry mamma.  I 'accept' your apology."  She smiled.  
I smiled and gave her an extra hug.  What a kid! 

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Heather said...

I love it that you are sharing your love of language with the Lass. I laughed with glee when you described her "metalanguage" awareness. Good on ya, Mama! You're a good mom.