Three New Friends 9:39 AM

We arrived in Pinetop to meet the Boys of which we had heard many great things...

The boys are three male cats that Papa and Nonna adopted. They are very fun little cats - I say little because, compared to our monster cats, these boys are quite small.

Papa and Nonna bought them a cat castle for the holidays, which they absolutely love! They loved this new toy!


The quiet cat. He is mild mannered and yet quite cuddly. He likes nothing more than to be loved, fed, and to curl up with Papa at the end of the day for a nap. No one is sure where he sleeps, but he is ready for Papa when morning arrives. His coat is ever so soft. Drifter is a sweetie.


Nearly a solid black tiny cat with a slinky tail. He is similar to our old cat Spook, which is why he is named Junior. He is Papa's cat all the way and is ready for a treat, a hello pet, or anything else that comes along. Throughout our stay, he never bit or scratched and was always as friendly as can be.


A character all his own. I have no idea just where Spot's personality derived as he is Junior's brother and yet so very different. Spot, or spotty cat as I called him, He has a fluffy kind of tail that isn't exactly fluffy. He's quite playful and doesn't really purr unless it is when he comes to visit during the wee hours of the morning. He loves those wee hour visits. There is nothing like waking up to find a cat's face in front of you! That is Spotty Cat.

We enjoyed our visit with the cats. The Lass played with the boys, worked with Nonna on a new bag, and did some creative work on the computer. For the most part, we relaxed, read books, and enjoyed our time together.

After a few days with Nonna and papa, the time came for us to leave - time to leave for Albuquerque and then back to Virginia to return to our real lives and our schedules.

From beginning to end, it was a wonderful vacation!