On The Road Again 11:20 AM

Road trips are always fun with the Lass - as long as there is a good audio book playing, she is as happy as a lark.  This trip we listened to The Penderwicks.  It is a great book!!  A cross between, in my opinion, Little Women and The Secret Garden... and written for  young girls probably.  But I have to admit that even the old man in the car enjoyed it!
Tucson was a blur of activity.  We arrived, dressed, and headed for dinner with the family.  We are all adults now so the Lass is kind of on her own.  The rest of her kid cousins were in other states.  She did a great job though and entertained with ballet and her charming self. 
Christmas morning saw us gathered around the living room opening gifts of all shapes and sizes and in lots of colors.  The Lass came down with a horrible headache and faded on us as the unwrapping continued.  It is hard to not feel well on Christmas.  This, however, did not prohibit her from eating five (5) pancakes!!
The afternoon saw us delivering packages and then going to the park for the annual "play time outside."  When we started spending the holidays in Tucson, we started hunting for the best playground in the area.  Although we always end up at Reed Park, we are continually looking for parks with great challenging toys upon which the Lass can play. 
Where my Christmas memories were about snow and being inside and playing games as a family, hers are about fairly warm weather, late mornings, and playing on the best playground we can find!!  How things have changed. 
On our way out of Tucson we stopped at the pet store to buy the boys and papa a Cat Castle!!  What fun!!  We then hit the road and headed for the hills - or the mountains.  The Lass and I were excited... we were going to meet "The Boys!"