The Play Date 9:46 AM

Saturday I received a phone call when we came home from ballet and shopping...
"Can the Lass have a play date?"
But of course, a play date would be great.
The Lass really wanted to have said play date here... and that is what we did... had the play date here.
When I think of play dates, I think of when I was younger. We played outside a lot. When we weren't playing outside, we usually played in my room or in our big, empty, living room... it was great fun.
When the Lass has a play date, it is more a function of them playing "throughout" the house!! It drives me a bit crazy as they are everywhere... there is no silence, no kids playing Polly Pocket or dolls or dress up... it is kids and noise everywhere.
And I remember why I don't like to host play dates... and yet, when the play date is over and the Lass asks me to play this and do that, I remember why I like to have a play date every now and again!!