Someone to Watch Over me 12:11 PM

Our first night home, the cats were overjoyed to see us. They pranced around, meowed, and were eagerly awaiting our pets and cuddles. When the lights went out (early) that night, three fluffy bodies were on the bed, ready to enjoy our company... and Maggie, poor Maggie, meowed from her suite.

Throughout that night Phoenix would wander to the top of the bed just to check to see if we were there. He purred and cuddled - such a happy cat.

Wednesday night the Lass was sick, very sick. While the cats tried to cuddle, they found it quite difficult as she would get sick every ten or so minutes. It was not a restful night for any of us.

Sometime, just after 5 AM, things calmed down. By 7, Phoenix was in my face, making sure that everything was okay... he, for one, was ready to get up!

The alarm went off on Friday morning. While I lay, listening to the results out of Iowa, I reached over to pet the cat sleeping on the Lass' pillow. I expected it to be Doodles, but... surprisingly enough, it was the big guy himself - Phoenix.

Purring as loudly as he possibly could, he came over to see me before he settled back into the spot on her pillow, paws resting on her forehead still purring.

It seems that, as she rested and her body healed, she had "someone to watch over her..." It doesn't matter that the someone was a huge red, pile of fluff...does it?

(Phoenix was very concerned about the Lass throughout her suffering. He even took up a position on the sick bed early Thursday morning. He rarely left the room she was in)