Nebraska or Bust 9:46 AM

The Lass went to school yesterday sporting her new Nebraska Cornhusker T-Shirt.  I had a feeling that it was going to be a Nebraska kind of day. 
"What is on the Nebraska flag?  I have never seen it."
She had me there as I can't recall the Nebraska flag at all.  During the day, she designed her own... which included a large ear of corn because... well, it is the cornhusker state and what else would such a state have on its flag?
Yesterday evening, we found our US atlas.  She wanted to find the Nebraska flag, I had another purpose. 
Given her Nebraska state of mind, I had to jump on the opportunity to build some excitement about our summer road trip which will start in Omaha. 
"Can you see Omaha on the map?"
"Can you find us a way from Omaha back to our house?"
And she was off!
Give my kid a map and a goal and... let the games begin. 
Her first choice was to leave Omaha, go through Springfield, IL... and then through Kentucky.  Then she decided that she didn't like that route.  So... it was then through Iowa and Indiana...
"We could drop south from Omaha and then go east?"  I suggested. 
"No, we need to stay away from Tornado alley!"
She made her decision regarding the route (noting highway numbers, etc)  and spent the rest of the evening examining each detail of the Nebraska flag - which does not have a picture of corn!
I am not sure how we will get home from Nebraska - the Lass and Nonna will make the final determination... but, at the moment, she is excited about the trip.  That, in itself, is a pretty big accomplishment given her current dislike of long road trips!
Watch out Nebraska... here we come!