A Busy Birthday 4:50 PM

Our last day in Albuquerque was spent on the move...
From a Brazilian lunch to the rock climbing gym to a traffic jam on our way to see the River of Lights (which was great) it was a day filled with activities and laughter and discoveries!

The Lass loves to rock climb, so we took the three eldest kids to the gym to climb the walls. It was great for the Lass as the diversity in climbs and range in difficulty presented her with lots of opportunities to show her stuff - and she did.
And I learned to do the ropes - that was an accomplishment in itself and kind of fun. I now feel like I am part of the team!

The two eldest boys each tried climbing as well. They hit the wall several times, each climb was better than the previous. Perhaps they will try it again at some point.

Then it was back to the house for birthday cake, presents, and a very light dinner before we made our way to the River of Lights.

Apparently all of Albuquerque was going to the River of Lights that night as traffic was horrible. After a long while spent in the car, we finally arrived. Despite the traffic and the cold, the lights were beautiful - definitely worth the visit!

We piled back in the car and headed to the hotel for our last night in New Mexico. It was a busy day and a wonderful way to spend a birthday!