Birthday 11:06 AM

The week before we leave is always about birthdays - the Lass' birthday that is.

As gifts arrive she is, believe it or not, allowed to open them as we travel before her birthday and return after Christmas. Her birthday, as it is, lasts for quite a while.

Last night she received her gift from Daddy (and no, it wasn't more Tom & Jerry DVDs). He wanted her to have it early so that she could take it with her on the plane and the road.

She LOVED it!!

A portable art studio greeted her from its place in the gift bag.

Together they opened the little case and examined all 80+ pieces. I attempted to remind her to keep everything in its spot when it is not in use... but I am not sure how much she listened.

She imeediately took out one of the sketch pads and began to draw. Dinner and movie were forgotten, her attention was placed solidly on creating with her new supplies.

"perhaps I will be an artist."

(There may be art lessons in our future.)

This morning, running late, she came downstairs, found an Instant Breakfast, and opened up the case to begin another picture.

Sorry - no art while we are trying to leave the house!!

I am a patron of the arts and appreciate the desire to use pens and pencils and such to create... just not first thing in the morning when there are things that need to be done and departures that need to take place!