Tom and Jerry 2:29 PM

Oh look, I thought as I wondered through the bookstore, a Tom and Jerry cartoon.  I wonder if the Lass would like this.  I popped it into my cart and didn't think twice about it. 
A few days earlier, while daddy cooked, we chatted about our favorite cartoons when we were little.  We both enjoyed Scooby Doo (as does the Lass) but differed on such cartoons as  Hong Kong Fuey, Jabber Jaws, Captain Caveman... While I liked the aforementioned, daddy preferred the classic Looney Tunes, especially Tom and Jerry (which I think is Looney Tunes?)
I thought that this DVD would be an excellent way for the Lass to see what we were discussing.  And hey, Tom is a cat... she will love it. 
And she did, until she started watching. 
As I sat at the computer I kept hearing...
"Poor Tom."
"Poor Kitty."
"Oh, Poor Tom!"
She was thrilled when the DVD ended. 
"Should we take the DVD to Papa?"
"Yes, please!"
But, by this morning, she had decided that we might try to watch it one more time, now that she is prepared for Tom to be tortured simply because he wants a treat. 
I guess I didn't think about how she might view the cartoon.  I don't remember thinking twice about Tom or the Coyote being traumatized when I was her age.