A Place to Sleep 12:27 PM

We landed in New Mexico exhausted and ready to hit the sheets only to discover that the water heater in our hotel was not working. They had arranged for us to stay in a sister hotel a few miles away. Thus, we set off on a hotel adventure that simply never seemed to end.
We arrived at the new hotel. The desk gave us a key. We entered the room only to find that the lights were on, TV was on, half a cold Coke sat on the table... and the bed and been turned down.
Something seemed a bit... off!

We then spent about an hour waiting as the hotel staff checked rooms looking for one that was empty; one that we could call ours for the duration of our stay.

Finally, we had a room, we were tucked into our beds, and we were able to sleep... it was 11:00 pm - not the early night we had anticipated.

Thus began our New Mexico adventures!