Dinner 7:49 AM

Last night Daddy came over for dinner with the Lass.  It happened to be not only a fun evening but great timing as the Lass revealed this morning that she had a test.  Good thing she was well fed and had enjoyed a good night sleep!
Daddy nights are always full of laughter, some of which comes from the telling of jokes.  Last night was no exception.  Toward the end of the evening, the jokes were flying...
What is a werewolf's favorite holiday?
"Fangs giving"
Is just one such example.  
But there was also this - 
Lass - "Milk"
Daddy - " May I have some more milk."
Lass - "yes"
Daddy - "May I have some more milk?"
Lass - "yes"
She finally, after much laughter and repetition which grew a bit old, asked politely for more milk.    Usually such a polite kid, she definitely has her moments!