Mozart has Nothing to Fear from the Lass 8:28 AM

My kid is drawn to the piano. 


I feel very badly for my downstairs neighbor.  She is a grandmother from the Middle East with her children living outside of the US.  I don't know her that well but I know that I think about her quite frequently. 


Like when the Lass goes running and jumping through the downstairs portion of the house or when she dances as an elephant might.  I want to ask if they have learned to jump and dance "lightly" in ballet yet. 


Or today when the piano was the object of focus.  I am sure that plunking and  the sour tunes went right through our floor and her ceiling... My piano is, out of tune which is  an understatement.  The Lass likes to pick out the songs she is learning in school, which is great accept for the piano being out of tune and the reality that she doesn't always remember the melody.  She is not tone deaf.  She is great at staying on tune when she remembers the actual melody, but once that melody is lost... watch out!


My neighbor should consider herself lucky as she does hear the plunking and banging but she does not hear the melodies played happily in flats and sharps - leaving them sounding like something  with an Eastern origin. 


I am thinking that piano lessons may be in order.