"Oh, My Leg!" 1:58 PM

The Lass and I love animals, which is a very good thing considering we have four cats and animals seem to like us.  On our way to school, we often see a few cat friends.  We spend time talking to the woman who walks her cat or we rub Charlie's head and remind him to stay out of the roads. 
We also see a few dog friends.  A retired Greyhound named Portia who is always so excited to see the Lass.  She even does a little jump that her owner has never seen her do with anyone else.  There is Mia, the Great Pyrenees puppy who is a cute white fuzzy thing.  Ginger, the little Golden Retriever puppy is always happy to see us, but not as enthusiastic as Susie, an energetic Portuguese Water Dog puppy.  But we can't forget our old friend Waffle, who loves to eat grass. 
Animals are a part of our life... and they are also a part of our reading material. 
Our latest animal friends are Hank and Grover from the Hank the Cowdog series.  If you have a chance to listen to an audio version of Hank, well, and you are a kid at heart, you won't be disappointed. 
Hank is the Head of Ranch Security on a ranch in Texas.  Drover is his assistant.  Drover is an interesting dog.  He likes to sleep, doesn't like to get in trouble, and, as it happens, has a "trick leg" that seems to bother him whenever there is work to be done. 
Drover will be running with Hank only to stop suddenly and say "Oh, my leg!"  Thus putting an end to  his participation in the mission. 
Hank is a very silly dog.  There is no other way to describe him.  He comes through when times are tough, but... all other times, he is simply... silly.
Hank has become a part of our life.  We listen to his stories.  The Lass reads the books and is sharing them with friends... And she has adopted parts of the lexicon. 
It is not uncommon to be walking with her only to hear her exclaim, in perfect Drover form... "Oh, my leg!"
The other day she had a hurt neck.  She would walk along complaining about her neck only to forget her neck and exclaim "Oh, my leg!"
It is great to see what fun books can bring to ones life...
Not only are they entertaining, but the world opens up and new ways of talking are discovered. 
"oh, my leg!"