The Library Kid 1:58 PM

"I put your library books in your bag.  Can you see if you can find this book for me?"  I hand the Lass a slip of paper with the title and author assuming that she will ask the librarian as that is what I would have done when I was 7 - or 37. 
She looked at the paper and said "This will be under Blo."
As we are walking to school she explains that she will type the author into the computer, hit "search" and then copy down the number so that she can find the book, if they have it. 
"Does everyone in your class know how to do this?"
"All the second graders.  I learned how to do it last year when we were doing animal reports.  I wanted to find books on butterflies."
I am not sure that I knew a first grader was savvy enough to do a book search - I am not sure I am savvy enough to do a book search. 
Forget the help desk at the bookstore this weekend, I will just leave it to the Lass!