Chit Chat 11:32 AM

"How long do cats live?"
This is a fairly typical question.  I think that we discuss it every so often but am not sure exactly why. 
"When Doodles is 18, you will be nearly 25 and not living at home." 
The idea of this used to bother her.  She would live with me forever!
"It will just be me and Doodles in the house while you are out dancing your way around the world - with Magnum, of course."
"And if I decide that I don't need Magnum anymore, then he can stay with you?"
Stunned, shocked, amazed I answer, "Of course, he can live with us too.  Do you think that there is a time when you will no longer need Magnum?"
"We never know what is going to happen."
"Does this mean that you might get married?"  She has been insistent, from an early age, that she would neither marry nor have kids. 
"Moooom, no one knows what is going to happen.... well, except fortune tellers."
"They just guess."
"The only thing I know for sure is that I can camouflage myself, so I can be backstage and no one will know I am there."
She is convinced that people can not see her at times; that she blends into her surroundings. 
"I might decide, when I am 16, that I don't want to be a ballerina."
"We just never know what is going to happen!"