A Surprise Party 12:22 PM

"Don't tell, but we should have a surprise party for Daddy next time he comes for dinner."
And thus, the planning began.
September is a birthday month in our family - Papa, Daddy, and I all have birthdays in mid-September.  The Lass is kept quite busy ensuring that our birthdays are recognized.  
This year, Daddy was in Ireland for his birthday.  Although she was a bit disappointed that the celebration would be postponed, the Lass realized that this would give her more time to plan.  
She is nothing if not creative, I might add.
Yesterday was the big day - the day that Daddy was coming to dinner and that we would celebrate his birthday.  
The Lass was thrilled.  We didn't need to purchase anything, she had a plan.  
Daddy walked into the house to find it decorated with scarf, ribbon, and jump rope streamers in unexpected locations to include a ceiling fan, microwave, pictures, TV, and chairs.  But the greatest decoration was the enthusiastic smile that shown from the Lass - from her curls to her toes.  She was one delightfully happy child.  Even her skips and bounces shown with happiness.  
It was not a traditional birthday - no cake, no ice cream, no candles or confetti.  It was a birthday that was about love and time shared.  
"Bye Daddy.  I love you."  She called out the window as he left - and the joy of the child, the evening, and the decorations illustrated her feelings quite nicely.